Welcoming a child into your family through adoption is a doubtlessly life-changing experience. Your home is introduced to a bright new pair of eyes, and the anticipation of a beautiful and promising future lingers in the air. Unfortunately, adoption is becoming increasingly more difficult as obstacles rise in number. Compared to past decades, there is both an increase in parents seeking to adopt domestically and a shortage of potential birth parents and resources.

The Climate of Adoption in the United States– Family Law in Lafayette IN

This brings us to recent unfortunate events in the field of adoption and family law near Lafayette, IN. On January 31, 2017, the Independent Adoption Center was forced to close all of its branches—including a branch in Indianapolis—due to bankruptcy. This event shook many Hoosiers to the core as clients and employees were left searching for answers without a tangible plan for the future.

According to a statement given by the Independent Adoption Center, “societal changes have created an environment in the United States where there are fewer potential birth parents than at any other point in IAC’s history. Simultaneously, due to changing demographics and the closure of international adoption programs, there are more hopeful adoptive parents seeking to adopt domestically than in any other time in recent history.”

Because of this recent event, adoption lawyers who practice family law in Lafayette, IN and other areas surrounding Indianapolis are of great need. Clients who actively used these services are unsure of their next steps, which is why it is even more crucial that these legal professionals can give answers and hope to families who are plagued with questions.

Our Thoughts  

McCoy Law, a firm composed of legal professionals focusing on family law in Lafayette, IN, is proud to offer hope and assistance amidst the current climate of adoption in the United States. Cases like infant or foster care adoptions require a professional who has ample experience in family law in Lafayette, IN and surrounding areas.

It is our goal to do everything in our power to assist adoptive parents in the process of adopting an infant, foster child, or member of their extended family. Our firm works tirelessly to create a smooth transition for parents in a wide variety of cases ranging from the adoption of a newborn from a birth mother, legal support for a surrogacy arrangement, foster care adoption, and more. We will never stop fighting for family.

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