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Family Law


McCoy Law is the family law professional for you. With decades of experience in family law cases, we can provide you with the legal support you need in the most personal times that family law cases can bring. Our law firm offers dedicated representation in legal matters, and we will always be on your side.



Looking for an attorney to help you in a paternity case? McCoy Law can help. We can provide legal counsel and support to help you determine the paternity of a child, as well as advice on any subsequent issues, such as child support. Whether you are looking to establish paternity to seek financial support from a father, or you are a father looking to establish paternity to gain custody or parenting time rights and adequately provide for the child, our firm can help. We can support you through the delicate process and determine any obligations you may have.


Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement can provide you with the protection you need to keep the assets that you earned prior to marriage safe for you and your family. At McCoy Law, we can advise you on the best course of action when seeking a prenuptial agreement and can provide you with the legal documentation you need so that you can comfortably walk down the aisle together while still protecting your children's future. Let us help you determine all of the necessary details before you say, "I do."



When the life of a child is in danger from poor treatment or living conditions, you need an attorney that can petition the court for guardianship as quickly as possible. At McCoy Law, we have the knowledge and experience in guardianship cases to help.

If you have lost custody of a child and are seeking to regain your rights, we can work for you. We will work with the courts and with any necessary child protective service agencies to help establish and prove that you should regain your privileges of custody. McCoy Law is here to help you. Contact our office for a consultation.


Property Settlements

During the course of a divorce or in cases of inheritance, property often becomes a contested issue. At McCoy Law, we provide experienced help in negotiating property settlements so that you end up with a satisfactory and fair deal at the end of the day. In situations of complex property distribution, it can be most beneficial to have legal representation to advocate for your rights.

Items such as heirlooms and jewelry can become disputed pieces of property as well as the division of investments, real estate, trusts, business holdings, and other forms of property. Our law firm has the experience you need to gain an agreeable settlement. Contact our office today for a consultation.


Domestic Violence / Protective Orders

McCoy Law is a strong advocate against domestic violence and will champion your rights in court when seeking protective orders or legal action against domestic violence. Our law firm can advise you on the best course of action in your specific situation as well as explain all of your rights in the events of domestic violence. We can swiftly and efficiently gain you a protective order against an abusive spouse, relation, or acquaintance.

We also understand the occurrence of false accusations of domestic violence, especially in related proceedings such as divorce.

Our firm is willing to represent you to defend against such manipulative accusations, from providing thorough research and investigation to aggressively representing your side in court.

If you are seeking a protective or restraining order, have been a victim of domestic violence, or have been accused of domestic violence, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.


Grandparent Rights

At times, the biological parent of a child can be unable, or even unfit, to provide safe and nurturing care for their child. In cases such as these, our firm can help provide the child’s grandparents with legal assistance in gaining rights of care on a temporary or even permanent basis.

Grandparents have the right to visit with their grandchildren in the event that the parent is otherwise not in the picture (dead, military, jail, etc.) Earl's number one service is grandparent visitation.

Grandparent Guardianship

Looking to have legal rights to your grandchild? Want to be able to have a say in their medical care or their education? Our law firm can provide help in obtaining guardianship. This can help the biological parent in many ways, from allowing other caregivers to step in when needed to providing a safe environment for the child either temporarily or permanently.

Grandparent Adoption

In instances when a biological parent is unable or unfit to provide a nurturing environment for a child, adoption of the child by the grandparents can be the answer. We can help you through the process of adopting your grandchild so that you can assume custody and responsibility.

If you are seeking aid in gaining legal rights to help your grandchild, talk to McCoy Law today and schedule a consultation.


Child Support & Custody

In cases of divorce or for unmarried parents of children, the issues of child support and child custody require decisive legal representation. We understand that caring for a child requires more than attention and love. It is a great expense to provide adequate shelter, food, clothing, and education for a child. McCoy Law can help get child support payments organized and get the income you need to provide financial support for your child. When circumstances change, we can also help in modifying your child support order to match.

When dealing with child custody issues, negotiations can often become heated or unpleasant. That is why you need an attorney who can provide you with diligent representation. We can handle any investigation and research required, including reviewing the following factors:

  • Time spent with child(ren)
  • Activities involved in with child(ren)
  • Existence of detrimental or negative attitudes or behaviors
  • Work arrangements and schedules
  • And other parental factors

Our in-depth process helps ensure that arrangements are made swiftly and fairly, so that everyone can return to their lives, including and especially the child or children. Whether you are seeking to petition for full custody, for residence rights, or to negotiate for access and visitation, McCoy Law can help.




Adoption is a complicated and lengthy process and requires a knowledgeable attorney to help you navigate all of the challenges. Our firm can help you begin adoption proceedings and support you throughout the adoption process, providing legal counsel and effective character representation. We can help with infant adoption, foster care adoption, stepparent adoption, grandparent adoptions, and other unique situations.

Step-Parent Adoption

When families become blended through marriages with prior children, step-parents often would like to become the legal parent of their spouse’s child or children. McCoy Law can help you understand the requirements for step-parent adoption and can walk you through the legal process. In certain situations, consent from the other biological or legal parent is not required. Talk to our office for more and to schedule a consultation.

Foster Care Adoption

This is perhaps the first option that comes to mind when talking about adoption. If you are already a foster parent and are seeking to adopt your foster child, our law firm can help you through the process. If you are seeking to adopt a child from a foster care home, we can aid you in understanding the process and making the arrangements.

Grandparent Adoption

In instances when a biological parent is unable or unfit to provide a nurturing environment for a child, adoption of the child by the grandparents can be the answer. We can help you through the process of adopting your grandchild so that you can assume custody and responsibility.

If you are seeking aid in gaining legal rights to help your grandchild, talk to McCoy Law today and schedule a consultation.

Infant Adoption

Are you looking to make arrangements to adopt the newborn of an expecting or birth mother or are seeking legal support for a surrogacy arrangement? McCoy Law can help you make all of the necessary arrangements for a smooth transition of child custody and adoption. Contact our office to get started.



You need a skilled and experienced attorney to represent you in divorce proceedings, from the initiation of formal papers to the negotiation of assets. There are many aspects to be considered in a divorce, including the following questions:

  • Will there be alimony/continuing support or maintenance to either spouse?
  • Are there children involved? If so:
  • What will be the custody, visitation, and/or access arrangements?
  • How will child support be structured?
  • How will property and assets be distributed?
  • What will be the structure for the division of debts?
  • Is there a prenuptial agreement?
  • Are there mitigating factors (abuse/adultery) that can place one party at-fault?

For all of the questions and issues that can arise during a divorce, you need someone who can provide you with aggressive representation to ensure that you get a fair deal. McCoy Law has the experience you need in divorce cases. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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