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Finding the required resources and documents for a case can be exhausting! Hours of research is sometimes necessary to get all the information you need. Take a look at these documents we’ve assembled concerning family law, criminal law, or expungement.

The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines are applicable in most family law cases involving children under the age of 18. They can even be applicable in guardianship cases where the parents exercise visitation even though the child(ren) do not reside with either parent. We advise all of our clients in such cases to become familiar with the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines and to refer to them on a regular basis as issues arise in the future. The current version of the Indiana Parenting Time Guideline can be found at


Many people don’t realize that the Indiana Supreme Court has recommended that Indiana parents use online parenting time planning tools that are available to assist parents in developing and parenting time schedule that works for their particular family. Specifically, the Indiana Supreme Court has recommended that Indiana divorced or separated parents use the online planner adopted by Arizona, or Missouri. You can find these planners at the following websites:

Arizona Parenting Time Guidelines, available at:

Missouri Parenting Plan Guidelines, available at:$FILE/plan.PDF

Indiana’s official online child support calculator can be found at However, most people are not able to calculate child support correctly without the assistance of an attorney. You should consult with an attorney to ensure you do not make costly mistakes.


In several counties, including Tippecanoe County, divorcing or separated parents are required to complete the online co-parenting exercises found at This site is free and many Courts require the parties to file a certificate of completion showing that the website work has been done before the Court will allow their case to be finalized. This website is tailored for parents who were married when the child was conceived or born.

In those counties that require divorcing parents to complete the website work at also require the mother and the alleged father in paternity actions to complete the online co-parenting exercises found at This site is free and many Courts require the parties to file a certificate of completion showing that the website work has been done before the Court will allow their case to be finalized. This website is tailored for parents who were never married to each other and have had a child out of wedlock.

If you haven’t already created an account at, you should do so if you have any questions about your license or driving privileges. Before we can adequately answer any questions about your driver’s license, we will need to see a copy of your driving record which you can print for free from While we can obtain a version of your driving record, it costs us approximately $15.00 to obtain a copy of your driving record and the version we obtain will be limited to the last ten (10) years. Sometimes this limited driving record will not allow us to be able to adequately assess your situation because the Judge will have your entire driving record as part of the Court’s file. If you run your own driving record for free at it will contain your entire driving record all the way back to when you first received an Indiana driver’s license or learner’s permit. This more complete driving record is very valuable to us because we want to be sure we have the same information the Judge will have before we go to Court. You can create a new account or access your existing account at


Many drivers in Indiana are required to take a driver’s safety course (often referred to a Defensive Driving course). The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has provided a list of the approved Driver Safety Programs on their website. You can find the list of approved programs at


Any Lab Test Now/Indiana Wellness
Crosspointe Market
1221 South Creasy Lane Suite K3
Lafayette, Indiana 47905
(765) 838-2310

Child Protective Services (CPS or DCS)
250 Main Street #301
Lafayette, Indiana 47901
(765) 742-0400
Abuse/Neglect 1-800-800-5556

Co-Parenting Workshop
3150 Sagamore Parkway
Lafayette, Indiana 47905
(765) 420-1621
[email protected]

Court Services
20 N. 3rd Street, 2nd Floor
Tippecanoe County Building
Lafayette, Indiana 47901
(765) 423-1172
[email protected]

Family Law Mediation Program
Kristina Carlson
Program Administrator
(765) 476-1553
[email protected]

Home with Hope
1119 Ferry Street
Lafayette, Indiana 47901
(765) 807-0009
[email protected]

Prosecutor, Child Support Division
301 Main Street 5th Floor
Lafayette, Indiana 47901
(765) 423-9308

Sycamore Springs Health
833 Park East Blvd
Lafayette, Indiana 47905
(888) 448-1884

Tippecanoe County Adult Probation
301 Main Street, 2nd Floor
Lafayette, Indiana 47901
(765) 423-9290

Tippecanoe Co. Community Corrections
2800 N. 9th Street
Lafayette, Indiana 47904
(765) 742-1279
[email protected]

Tippecanoe County Juvenile Probation
301 Main Street, 1st Floor
Lafayette, Indiana 47901
(765) 423-9347

Valley Oaks
415 N 26th Street St, Suite 201
Lafayette, Indiana 47904
(765) 446-6400 Ext. 1

Willowstone Family Services
Howarth Center Suite 101
615 N 18th Street
Lafayette, Indiana 47904
(765) 423-5361

YWCA Greater Lafayette
605 N 6th Street
Lafayette, Indiana 47901
(765) 742-0075

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